18×12 Electro Fusion HDPE Hot Tap on Sewer

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18x12 HDPE Electofusion Hot Tap

We are often asked if we can hot tap (wet tap) HDPE water and sewer mains. The answer is yes. HDPE pipe can be hot tapped through either an electrofusion fitting or a mechanical tapping sleeve. Pacific Flow Control is happy to perform either service for you turnkey. This photo is of an 18×12 HDPE/FL ElctroFusion hot tap we did today in Chilliwack on a sewer force main. Let me know if you’d like some information on either technology, or give me a call if you’d like to talk through your options.

18x12 HDPE Hot Tap

18×12 HDEP Electro-Fusion Hot Tap

18x12 HDPE Hot tapping Tee

18×12 HDPE Wet Tapping Saddle – Branch Connection

18x12 HDPE Sewer Hot Tapping Sleeve

18×12 HDPE Sewer Hot Tapping Saddle

Electo-fusion Machine

electro-fusing a 12″ branch onto a 18″ HDPE sewer main for wet tapping purposes

HDPE Sewer Main Coupon

Cutout of pipe from a 18×12 HDPE sewer main hot tap

18x12 HDPE Hot Tap

18×12 Electrofusion Hot Tapping Saddle