42IN HDPE & 36IN Steel Sewer Forcemain Line Stops Wrapped Up in Nanaimo

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42IN HDPE Line Stop

Pacific Flow Control is excited to wrap up another successful large diameter line stop project complete with 16IN bypass hot taps. This work was completed on an HDPE and carbon steel sewer force main with engineered JCM mechanical line stop and hot tapping sleeves.

Large diameter line stops and bypass hot taps such as these allow you to save ten’s, hundreds’s of thousands or even millions of dollars in bypass pumping.

Many engineers and operators are still nervous about performing hot taps and line stops on HDPE pipes. Especially large diameter and high-pressure hot taps. Feel free to ask PFC about our many successful HDPE hot tap and line stop projects. We have hundreds of critical HDPE jobs under our belts and many case studies and references we’d be happy to share.

Whether HDPE fuse-on fittings or mechanical fittings specifically engineered for HDPE by JCM Industries. We have the technology to service all of your HDPE flow control needs.

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