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Who is Pacific Flow Control?

Providing specialized, turnkey flow control services such as hot tapping, pipe and line freezing, line stopping, inline valve insertion, hydrant servicing, dry tapping, and emergency leak repair in Western Canada since 1979. Pacific Flow Control is recognized as one of the industry leaders.

Pacific Flow Control provides these services to the municipal, commercial, industrial, medical, oil and gas, and high tech industries on a wide range of pipe, pressure vessels, fluids and gases.

Our services allow for uninterrupted operation while eliminating the cost and concerns for lost product, disposal of fluids, contamination and in the case of water, loss of fire protection.

With product on hand, we provide the unique opportunity for our clients to receive prompt service on standard hot taps, line freezes, line stops, valve inserts, hydrant servicing and emergency leak repairs.

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Specializing in hot tapping, line freezing, line stopping, valve insertion and more.