Line Stopping Options

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Mission BC Linestop

Line stopping is one of the many services we offer, and it can be completed on a wide range of pipe diameters and pipe types including ductile, AC, Concrete Cylinder, Steel, C900 and HDPE. Some of the many benefits of line plugging include little to no disruption of service, which itself has multiple benefits to the surrounding community. There are … Read More

Benefits of Nitrogen Line Freezing

Brandon PaterLine Freezing

Did you know that isolation via nitrogen freezing has been in use for over 100 years? It’s a great alternative to line stopping in commercial and industrial areas with limited access and is an ideal solution for small diameter size-on-size valve installation. Line freezing can also be useful for valve maintenance, repair, or replacement on both vertical and horizonal planes. … Read More

Keeping Your Mechanical Systems Operational with Pacific Flow Control

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Maintaining functional mechanical systems is critical. The implications of infrastructure shutdowns can be costly, inconvenient, and even risky. Fortunately, Pacific Flow Control has the solution for those struggling to isolate lines without disrupting their mechanical systems. Understanding Mechanical Hot Taps and Line Freezing Before we explore the benefits, let’s understand these technologies Mechanical Hot Taps: These taps cut into existing … Read More

Revolutionizing Water Infrastructure: Mueller Valve Insert by Pacific Flow Control

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Introduction: Are you grappling with the challenge of isolating lines without interrupting water supply? Pacific Flow Control has the perfect solution! Explore our recent achievement in Abbotsford, BC – a 6-inch Mueller Valve Insert that showcases our commitment to seamless water operations. Valve Insertion – A Seamless Solution: Ever wondered about Valve Insertion? It’s the art of placing a valve … Read More

Line Stops with Bypass: Ensuring Continuous Water Supply During Infrastructure Upgrades

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Introduction Water infrastructure plays a crucial role in ensuring communities have access to clean and reliable water. Cities often face the challenge of maintaining and upgrading their pump houses, pressure reducing valve (PRV) stations, or booster stations without disrupting the water supply to residents. Fortunately, there’s a solution that allows for necessary maintenance without disrupting water service – Line Stopping … Read More

A Double 20” Line Stop on a Sanitary Sewer Line

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Introduction In a recent project, our Pacific Flow Control team demonstrated its expertise by completing a double 20” line stop on a reinforced concrete force sanitary sewer line. What sets this job apart is the innovative use of technology that not only optimized the existing pump infrastructure but also delivered significant cost savings for the client. Cost-Effective Pumping Infrastructure One … Read More

Pacific Flow Control Partners with PRO FIT Canada!

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We are thrilled to share the exciting news that Pacific Flow Control has entered into a partnership with PRO FIT Canada, the official distributor of JCM Industries’ Pipe Fittings and Fabrications. This collaboration marks a significant stride towards revolutionizing the water and wastewater industry with innovative solutions and unparalleled expertise. About PRO FIT Canada PRO FIT Canada proudly serves as … Read More

Saving Thousands: Hot Tapping and Line Stopping vs. Traditional Bypass Pumping

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Introduction:  In the fast-evolving landscape of pipeline maintenance and repair, pursuing cost savings is an ever-present goal. Companies are on the lookout for solutions that not only streamline their projects but also slash expenses. Enter Pacific Flow Control, the undisputed leader in hot tapping and line stopping services. Today, we delve into the myriad ways these advantageous techniques outshine traditional … Read More

Hot Taps, Line Stops, Freezing & Valve Inserts – A Comprehensive Look at the Technologies

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Watch out! This video showcases exactly how you don’t want hot tapping to be done. Don’t worry; we’ve got the perfect learning opportunity to help you steer clear of such mishaps! Are you seeking Continuing Education Units (CEUs) or simply looking to expand your knowledge of cutting-edge technologies in the field? Look no further – we have an opportunity that … Read More

Pacific Flow Control: Your Top Choice for Standard Hot Taps in Canada

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Introduction: While we frequently highlight our impressive engineered hot tapping projects, we often overlook our daily execution of standard day-to-day hot taps like a 10×8 or a 6×1 on PVC or Ductile Iron pipe. At Pacific Flow Control, we specialize in performing hot taps, including standard ones, to keep various industries running seamlessly. In this article, we’ll explore what hot tapping is, showcase some of our recent … Read More

Keeping Your Heating Systems Running This Winter: The Importance of Mechanical Hot Taps and Line Freezing

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Introduction: Importance of heating system maintenance As the temperature drops and winter takes hold, maintaining functional heating systems becomes a top priority. The implications of a heating system shutdown can be costly, inconvenient, and even risky.  In this blog, we’ll explore the significance of keeping your heating infrastructure operational throughout the winter, focusing on the use of mechanical hot taps and line … Read More

Winterizing Your Hydrants: The Key to Ensuring Optimal Performance and Longevity

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Introduction to winterizing hydrants Winterizing your hydrants is a crucial step in maintaining their optimal performance and longevity. Properly functioning hydrants are the keystone of fire suppression systems, ensuring public safety and safeguarding valuable assets during emergencies.  In this article, we will explore the importance of winterizing, the different types of hydrants, winterizing tips and best practices, common mistakes to … Read More