Keeping Your Mechanical Systems Operational with Pacific Flow Control

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Maintaining functional mechanical systems is critical. The implications of infrastructure shutdowns can be costly, inconvenient, and even risky. Fortunately, Pacific Flow Control has the solution for those struggling to isolate lines without disrupting their mechanical systems. Understanding Mechanical Hot Taps and Line Freezing Before we explore the benefits, let’s understand these technologies Mechanical Hot Taps: These taps cut into existing … Read More

Line Stops with Bypass: Ensuring Continuous Water Supply During Infrastructure Upgrades

Brandon PaterLine Stops

Introduction Water infrastructure plays a crucial role in ensuring communities have access to clean and reliable water. Cities often face the challenge of maintaining and upgrading their pump houses, pressure reducing valve (PRV) stations, or booster stations without disrupting the water supply to residents. Fortunately, there’s a solution that allows for necessary maintenance without disrupting water service – Line Stopping … Read More

A Double 20” Line Stop on a Sanitary Sewer Line

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Introduction In a recent project, our Pacific Flow Control team demonstrated its expertise by completing a double 20” line stop on a reinforced concrete force sanitary sewer line. What sets this job apart is the innovative use of technology that not only optimized the existing pump infrastructure but also delivered significant cost savings for the client. Cost-Effective Pumping Infrastructure One … Read More

Saving Thousands: Hot Tapping and Line Stopping vs. Traditional Bypass Pumping

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Introduction:  In the fast-evolving landscape of pipeline maintenance and repair, pursuing cost savings is an ever-present goal. Companies are on the lookout for solutions that not only streamline their projects but also slash expenses. Enter Pacific Flow Control, the undisputed leader in hot tapping and line stopping services. Today, we delve into the myriad ways these advantageous techniques outshine traditional … Read More

Emergency Leak on a Concrete Cylinder Pipe? Pacific Flow Control is here for you to solve that problem. 

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Introduction In an era where continuous access to clean, safe water is vital, maintaining and repairing water distribution systems is more crucial than ever. Imagine a scenario where water lines serving hospitals, airports, ferry terminals, and other vital facilities suddenly develop leaks or need maintenance. In the past, such problems led to costly and disruptive shutdowns. However, today’s fast-paced world … Read More

Hot Tapping and Line Stopping: The Key to Live Emergency Natural Gas Repairs

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Introduction In the world of natural gas distribution, emergencies can strike at any moment. When a leak occurs, it’s essential to address the issue swiftly and efficiently to minimize disruption and ensure safety. One innovative solution that has proven its worth time and again is hot tapping and line stopping. In this blog, we’ll delve into the advantages of using … Read More

Hot Tapping Concrete Pressure Pipe: The Best Choice for Your Project

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Triple 24" PCCP Hot Tap, Line Stop & Bypass

Contents Introduction Section 1: Understanding Hot Tapping Concrete Pressure Pipe 1.1        What is Hot Tapping? 1.2        Hot Tapping Concrete Pressure Pipe: An Overview 1.3        The Importance of Outlets in Concrete Pressure Pipe 1.4        Wet Tapping vs. Dry Tapping: Advantages and Considerations 1.5        Types of Pressure Taps for Concrete Cylinder Pipe 1.6        The Threaded Outlet Process: Step-by-Step Procedure 1.7        The Flanged … Read More

Hot Tapping & Line Stopping 36″ (900MM) AC Pipe

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Hot Tapping & Line Stopping Asbestos Cement Pipe

Hot Tapping & Line Stopping 36″ (900MM) AC PipeYou don’t often see 36″ (900mm) Asbestos Cement water main, but Medicine Hat, Alberta, has some. The safest, easiest and most cost-effective way to make a new connection to an existing AC water main is with a hot tap. Hot tapping (wet tapping) is a fully self-contained and water-submerged method of making … Read More

Pacific Flow Control Acquires Alta-West Hydrant & Hottapping

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Pacific Flow Control Acquires Alta-West Hydrant & Hottapping

After 30+ years of working together and collaborating, Pacific Flow Control has acquired Alta-West Hydrant and Hot Tapping Services.Pacific Flow Control will offer existing Alta-West clients the same hot tapping, valve insertion, hydrant maintenance and repair services they are used to.Pacific Flow Control also offers engineered and large diameter hot taps, line stops, nitrogen line freezing and machine valve exercising.Our … Read More