Do You Know Where Your Nearest Isolation Valve Is?

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Metro Vancouver- Mueller Permaseal H2361 Insert Valve on Ductile Iron

Do Your Hydrant Reports Have Photos?

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Hydrant Servicing

Pacific Flow Control can perform all your hydrant needs. We do “A” services, “B” services, hydrant painting, hydrant repair, hydrant maintenance, spring and fall hydrant services, flow testing, and everything hydrant. We also provide you with the best digital hydrant reporting in the industry. Your hydrant reports come with digital expandable photos and detailed information on the inspection and services … Read More

Line Stopping High-Pressure Water Line – 230psi Operating Pressure & 350 psi Design.

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16IN Line Stop

Do you have no valves or no working valves in your high-pressure zones? Do you need a double block & bleed or single valve isolation? You have lots of options. Line stopping, valve insertion and nitrogen line freezing are some of them. All three of these technologies allow you to work on your infrastructure without shut down or system interruption. … Read More


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Mechanical Hot Tap

Never chase air or store glycol again. Did you know that we perform hot taps, line stops, and nitrogen line freezes for the mechanical, industrial and municipal industries? Please take a look at some of the small-diameter hot taps we have performed for mechanical contractors and plumbers over the last few months. We can wet or dry tap flanged or … Read More

Pipe Freezing & Ice Plugs – Small Diameter

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Nitrogen Pipe Freezing

Typically what we post on social medial is the large diameter or technically demanding pipe freezes. However, most days are spent performing small diameter pipe freezes (ice plugs) using liquid nitrogen freezing technologies. Whether small or large, we perform all of this work “hands-free” using high-pressure nitrogen tanks. After the sleeves are installed, and the hoses are run, there is … Read More

Never Bypass Pump a Sewer Forcemain – Use Line Stops, Hot Taps & The Existing System Pumps

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24" Double Line Stop of C900 PVC

Rarely is there ever a need to bypass pump a sewer force main. With line stops and bypass hot taps, you can typically let the pumps already in the system complete the bypass pumping for you. Pacific Flow Control completed this 24″ double line stop on a C900 PVC sewer forcemain complete with 2EA 24×16 C900/FL bypass wet taps in … Read More