Do You Know Where Your Nearest Isolation Valve Is?

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The days are getting hotter and the demand for water is going up. To ensure the water systems are running smoothly and without taking utilities out of service, Pacific Flow Control has been working with the crews at Metro Vancouver hot tapping valve inserts

The great thing about these Mueller Permaseal H-2361 Insert Valves is the fact that you don’t need a double block and bleed and they allow for a single valve isolation sign-off for confined space entry, making it easier to get the work done.

Coquitlam sees higher running pressures, and, in this instance, the valves needed a little extra support with the help of engineered thrust blocking. This project also included the installation of a new PRV chamber. These projects will provide support for future upgrades, and add resiliency to the system while ensuing clean, safe drinking water for years to come.

Give us a call if you want to know how the Mueller Permaseal Insert Valve can be installed in your system without interruption or shut down.

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