Hot Taps, Line Stops, Freezing & Valve Inserts – A Comprehensive Look at the Technologies

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Watch out! This video showcases exactly how you don’t want hot tapping to be done. Don’t worry; we’ve got the perfect learning opportunity to help you steer clear of such mishaps!

Are you seeking Continuing Education Units (CEUs) or simply looking to expand your knowledge of cutting-edge technologies in the field? Look no further – we have an opportunity that might just be perfect for you. At Pacific Flow Control, we are providing an AEP, SaskOCB & EOCP course that delves into Hot Taps, Line Stops, Inserts, Freezes, and PVC safety for water and sewer operators, engineers, and managers.

About Company:

For over four decades, Pacific Flow Control has been a stalwart in providing specialized, turnkey flow control services. Our expertise includes hot tapping, pipe and line freezing, line stopping, inline valve insertion, hydrant servicing, dry tapping, and emergency leak repair in Western Canada.

We’ve garnered recognition as one of the industry leaders, particularly in the municipal water and sewer sector.

Our journey has seen us closely collaborate with municipalities, engineers, and contractors. This 40+ years of collaboration has led to the development of unique, cost-effective, and engineered solutions that ensure water and sewer infrastructure remains live and uninterrupted during downstream construction activities.

As part of our commitment to safety and practicality, we’ve invested significant efforts in educating the municipal water and sewer industry about new technologies and applications. Our focus remains on sharing industry best practices to keep operators safe when working with various types of pipes, notably PVC and aged AC and CI.

In the last six years, we have conducted over 150 AEP, SaskOCB, and EOCP courses. These courses have been tailored for municipalities, engineers, and private utility owners spanning British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan.

By the end of this course, students will gain a comprehensive technical understanding of which technology is most efficient and cost-effective for maintaining live infrastructure during downstream work. They will also acquire a fundamental understanding of what hot tapping, line stopping, valve insertion, and freeze plugs are and how they operate.

Course Agenda:

  • Standard Hot Taps (DI, CI, PVC & AC)
  • Line Stopping
  • Valve Insertion
  • Nitrogen Line Freezing
    • Engineered Hot Taps
    • “No-Valve,” plug valves & butterfly valve hot taps
    • Tanks, manhole, and concrete wall hot taps
    • Blind flange, pipe caps, and valve gate hot taps
    • HDPE, RCP, PCCP C301 & C303 L&E, and Fiberglass hot taps
    • Tangential and angled hot taps
    • Large diameter and high-pressure hot taps and line stops
  • PVC hot tapping safety for service hot taps

If you’re interested in this exciting opportunity to learn from the experts in the field, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’re more than happy to discuss your options and potentially schedule a session with you and your team. Join us in exploring the cutting-edge technologies that are shaping the water and sewer industry today.