Hydrant & Valve Servicing

Why Maintain and Repair Fire Hydrants?

Fire hydrants act as a vital part of your fire suppression system. In the case of a fire or emergency you want to ensure that your hydrants are in good working condition so people and valuable assets can be protected.

Each spring, hydrant pressures and flows should be tested to confirm that there is enough water being produced for adequate fire suppression as well as confirmation of working condition. Similarly each fall, hydrants should be inspected to ensure they aren’t holding water that could cause it to crack or not operate over the winter months.

Fire hydrants begin to rust, loose their lubrication and cease to operate over time due to exposure to the elements. Hydrants need to be operated, lubricated and, from time to time repaired to keep them in good working condition as well as achieve maximum life expectancy.

Most noteworthy, it is mandatory to have annual testing in some settings (ie. Strata or commercial complexes) to validate insurance conditions.

Why Valve Maintenance

A water leak could have devastating consequences to your property and buildings in a matter of minutes. If you ever have a leak, the only way to control it will be by operating your underground valves.

As with hydrants, valves also begin to rust and can cease to operate over time. It is important to operate valves annually to ensure proper operation in an emergency, as well as achieving there maximum life expectancy.

Services Offered

  • Hydrant spring and fall servicing
  • Flow and pressure testing
  • Repairs and rebuilds
  • Fire flow
  • Condition assessments
  • Painting
  • Valve exercising

Annual programs and packages available.

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