Line Stopping

What is Line Stopping?

Line stopping, or line plugging, is a means of isolating a piping system to provide a temporary shut off where none exists. This process serves as a control, or temporary valve, that is removed after alterations or valve replacements have been made.

Line stopping service

Line Stopping is most commonly used for:

  • Line relocation
  • Replacement of defective valves
  • Dead ending (abandoning) lines
  • Temporary bypass
  • Installation of process equipment
  • Material testing
  • Leak repairs

There are numerous Line Stopping configurations, whether it be a single stop or a triple stop with bypass accommodation, to suit your specific needs.

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At Pacific Flow Control Ltd, we provide reliable water main line stop services to customers throughout British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan. Our experienced technicians are equipped with the latest tools and techniques to safely and efficiently stop the flow of water in your mainline, allowing for repairs or modifications to be made without disrupting the water supply to your property.