Who Needs a Valve to Hot Tap?

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36x24 "No-Valve" Hot Tap

Pacific Flow Control crews completed a 36×24 “No-Valve” hot tap on a carbon steel sewer main in Delta, BC. After completing the hot tap, a 24″ plug valve was installed downstream. If you need a live wet-tapped connection but would like to use a plug valve, butterfly valve, or no valve at all. Pacific Flow Control has the expertise. Hot … Read More

PCCP Hot Taps – 30×8 AWWA C301L

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Hot Tapping AWWA C301L Pipe

Pacific Flow Control crews finished a 30×8 AWWA C301L Hot Tap in the beautiful Okanogan. You know who to call if you need to wet tap your aging C301 or C303 concrete cylinder pipe (PCCP). We have 24-hour service available at our Nanaimo (Vancouver Island), Kelowna (Interior BC), Langley (Metro Vancouver) and Calgary (Alberta/Saskatchewan). Let Pacific Flow Control take care … Read More

Hot Tapping & Line Stopping 36″ (900MM) AC Pipe

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Hot Tapping & Line Stopping Asbestos Cement Pipe

Hot Tapping & Line Stopping 36″ (900MM) AC PipeYou don’t often see 36″ (900mm) Asbestos Cement water main, but Medicine Hat, Alberta, has some. The safest, easiest and most cost-effective way to make a new connection to an existing AC water main is with a hot tap. Hot tapping (wet tapping) is a fully self-contained and water-submerged method of making … Read More

Dry Tapping = Short Lead Times and Economic Pipe Fittings

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Dry Tapping

With much shorter lead times (3-4 weeks) and a more affordable price tag. You can dry tap in fittings with standard and engineered hot tapping sleeves. Hot tap sleeves are available in tangental, angled, or standard 90-degree orientation. With design pressures up to 350 psi, these hot tap sleeves are available in epoxy coated carbon steel, 304SST or 316SST and … Read More

Line Stopping Options


Mission BC Linestop

Line stopping is one of the many services we offer, and it can be completed on a wide range of pipe diameters and pipe types including ductile, AC, Concrete Cylinder, Steel, C900 and HDPE. Some of the many benefits of line plugging include little to no disruption of service, which itself has multiple benefits to the surrounding community. There are … Read More

Hot Tapping Around Utility Conflicts

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Hot Tap - Spool - Waterline

Have you ever had a utility conflict before? Our hot tapping crew came across a duct bank when setting up to wet tap this 8×8 Ductile Iron water main in the City of Surrey. We decided to add an 8″x8″x12″ spool to the tapping sleeve to have proper valve access. There is always a way to tie in your infrastructure … Read More

42IN HDPE & 36IN Steel Sewer Forcemain Line Stops Wrapped Up in Nanaimo


42IN HDPE Line Stop

Pacific Flow Control is excited to wrap up another successful large diameter line stop project complete with 16IN bypass hot taps. This work was completed on an HDPE and carbon steel sewer force main with engineered JCM mechanical line stop and hot tapping sleeves. Large diameter line stops and bypass hot taps such as these allow you to save ten’s, … Read More

Hot Tapping into Critical PVC Infrastructure

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Hot Tapping PVC Pipe

Do you need to tie in or isolate your critical PVC water and sewer infrastructure without shutdown? Pacific Flow Control has specialty PVC cutters, pilots, adapters and tapping machines to safely perform this operation. We follow all of Uni-Bell’s industry best practices. We even teach courses on PVC hot tapping safety. If you need hot taps, line stops, valve inserts … Read More

Double Block & Bleed and Single Valve Isolations with Line Stops


Line Stop for Single Valve Isolation

Do you need a double block & bleed or single valve isolations because you have downstream confined space work? Our line stopping, valve insertion and nitrogen line freezing technologies can be used as a secondary block, set up in a double block and bleed arrangement or engineered as single valve isolations. The photo shown is a 230psi 42″ (1050mm) single … Read More