Hot Tapping Around Utility Conflicts

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Hot Tap - Spool - Waterline

Have you ever had a utility conflict before? Our hot tapping crew came across a duct bank when setting up to wet tap this 8×8 Ductile Iron water main in the City of Surrey. We decided to add an 8″x8″x12″ spool to the tapping sleeve to have proper valve access. There is always a way to tie in your infrastructure … Read More

Hot Tapping into Critical PVC Infrastructure

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Hot Tapping PVC Pipe

Do you need to tie in or isolate your critical PVC water and sewer infrastructure without shutdown? Pacific Flow Control has specialty PVC cutters, pilots, adapters and tapping machines to safely perform this operation. We follow all of Uni-Bell’s industry best practices. We even teach courses on PVC hot tapping safety. If you need hot taps, line stops, valve inserts … Read More

Line Stopping High-Pressure Water Line – 230psi Operating Pressure & 350 psi Design.

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16IN Line Stop

Do you have no valves or no working valves in your high-pressure zones? Do you need a double block & bleed or single valve isolation? You have lots of options. Line stopping, valve insertion and nitrogen line freezing are some of them. All three of these technologies allow you to work on your infrastructure without shut down or system interruption. … Read More


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Mechanical Hot Tap

Never chase air or store glycol again. Did you know that we perform hot taps, line stops, and nitrogen line freezes for the mechanical, industrial and municipal industries? Please take a look at some of the small-diameter hot taps we have performed for mechanical contractors and plumbers over the last few months. We can wet or dry tap flanged or … Read More

Emergency Line Stop on 20″ SST Process Water Pipe

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20" Line Stop of 304SST Process Water Main

No valve? No problem. In Northern BC, an industrial facility recently called Pacific Flow Control to line stop (isolate) a 20″ 304SST process water line for an emergency leak repair. PFC expedited the fabrication and freight of a JCM 440 stainless steel line stop fitting, hot tapped it and got the line isolated using a 1220 folding line stop. PFC … Read More

3 Year Anniversary Pacific Flow Control & ML Hot Taps

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PVC Hot Tap - Rocky View, AB

Mike “The Greek” (ML Hot Taps) called this morning congratulating us on our 3rd anniversary. Crazy that it has already been three (3) years since we opened a brick-and-mortar office here in Calgary, AB. Above is a photo of Duke doing a 10×6 PVC wet tap with our electric drive hot tapping machine. Duke is the employee we have had … Read More