Hot Tapping & Line Stopping 36″ (900MM) AC Pipe

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Hot Tapping & Line Stopping Asbestos Cement Pipe

Hot Tapping & Line Stopping 36″ (900MM) AC PipeYou don’t often see 36″ (900mm) Asbestos Cement water main, but Medicine Hat, Alberta, has some. The safest, easiest and most cost-effective way to make a new connection to an existing AC water main is with a hot tap. Hot tapping (wet tapping) is a fully self-contained and water-submerged method of making … Read More

Pacific Flow Control Acquires Alta-West Hydrant & Hottapping

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Pacific Flow Control Acquires Alta-West Hydrant & Hottapping

After 30+ years of working together and collaborating, Pacific Flow Control has acquired Alta-West Hydrant and Hottapping Services.Pacific Flow Control will offer existing Alta-West clients the same hot tapping, valve insertion, hydrant maintenance and repair services they are used to.Pacific Flow Control also offers engineered and large diameter hot taps, line stops, nitrogen line freezing and machine valve exercising.Our proprietary … Read More

42IN HDPE & 36IN Steel Sewer Forcemain Line Stops Wrapped Up in Nanaimo


42IN HDPE Line Stop

Pacific Flow Control is excited to wrap up another successful large diameter line stop project complete with 16IN bypass hot taps. This work was completed on an HDPE and carbon steel sewer force main with engineered JCM mechanical line stop and hot tapping sleeves. Large diameter line stops and bypass hot taps such as these allow you to save ten’s, … Read More

Double Block & Bleed and Single Valve Isolations with Line Stops


Line Stop for Single Valve Isolation

Do you need a double block & bleed or single valve isolations because you have downstream confined space work? Our line stopping, valve insertion and nitrogen line freezing technologies can be used as a secondary block, set up in a double block and bleed arrangement or engineered as single valve isolations. The photo shown is a 230psi 42″ (1050mm) single … Read More

Freezing Glycol Lines to Prevent Drain Down and Storage


Nitrogen Pipe Freezing

Liquid Nitrogen boils at -320 Deg. F (-196 Deg. C). With the use of our freeze jackets and liquid Nitrogen, you can create ice plugs. These ice plugs are designed to 1000psi and can be used to prevent the drain down of your system. Imagine never needing to drain down and store glycol or many other liquids. There is no … Read More



Mechanical Hot Tap

Never chase air or store glycol again. Did you know that we perform hot taps, line stops, and nitrogen line freezes for the mechanical, industrial and municipal industries? Please take a look at some of the small-diameter hot taps we have performed for mechanical contractors and plumbers over the last few months. We can wet or dry tap flanged or … Read More

Never Bypass Pump a Sewer Forcemain – Use Line Stops, Hot Taps & The Existing System Pumps

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24" Double Line Stop of C900 PVC

Rarely is there ever a need to bypass pump a sewer force main. With line stops and bypass hot taps, you can typically let the pumps already in the system complete the bypass pumping for you. Pacific Flow Control completed this 24″ double line stop on a C900 PVC sewer forcemain complete with 2EA 24×16 C900/FL bypass wet taps in … Read More

Emergency Line Stop on 20″ SST Process Water Pipe

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20" Line Stop of 304SST Process Water Main

No valve? No problem. In Northern BC, an industrial facility recently called Pacific Flow Control to line stop (isolate) a 20″ 304SST process water line for an emergency leak repair. PFC expedited the fabrication and freight of a JCM 440 stainless steel line stop fitting, hot tapped it and got the line isolated using a 1220 folding line stop. PFC … Read More

Double 8″ Nitrogen Line Freeze in South Surrey

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This is cool. Our line freezing specialist, Jeff, sent me this video today. It’s a double 8″ nitrogen line freeze in the basement of an aquatic facility in South Surrey, with the nitrogen plumbed in from the trucks in the parking lot. It’s the safest and most efficient way to do a line freeze with limited nitrogen handling. Nitrogen boils … Read More