Benefits of Nitrogen Line Freezing

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Did you know that isolation via nitrogen freezing has been in use for over 100 years? It’s a great alternative to line stopping in commercial and industrial areas with limited access and is an ideal solution for small diameter size-on-size valve installation. Line freezing can also be useful for valve maintenance, repair, or replacement on both vertical and horizonal planes. … Read More

Pacific Flow Control Acquires Alta-West Hydrant & Hottapping

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Pacific Flow Control Acquires Alta-West Hydrant & Hottapping

After 30+ years of working together and collaborating, Pacific Flow Control has acquired Alta-West Hydrant and Hottapping Services.Pacific Flow Control will offer existing Alta-West clients the same hot tapping, valve insertion, hydrant maintenance and repair services they are used to.Pacific Flow Control also offers engineered and large diameter hot taps, line stops, nitrogen line freezing and machine valve exercising.Our proprietary … Read More

Do You Know Where Your Nearest Isolation Valve Is?

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Metro Vancouver- Mueller Permaseal H2361 Insert Valve on Ductile Iron

Valve Turning with Valve Maintenance Trailer

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Valve Turning Machine - Vancouver Island

Pacific Flow Control crews exercise and maintain valves with our valve maintenance trailer in North Cowichan on Vancouver Island.Valve maintenance and exercising are vital services required to keep your valves in good operating condition, allowing them to work in an emergency shutdown situation and for regular use. It is also a requirement for warranty and as per AWWA M-44 and … Read More

Product Announcement – New Mueller PermaSeal Insertion Valve – H-2361

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Mueller PermaSeal H-2361

It is not often that something new and exciting happens in the hot tapping industry. PFC is extremely excited to officially announce the new Mueller Permaseal™ Insertion Valve. The H-2361 resilient wedge gate valve is the first valve insert on the market to guarantee 100% isolation, include a 10-year warranty, 350 psi rating, standard Mueller parts and meets ANSI/AWWA C-515 … Read More

Hot Tapping Around Utility Conflicts

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Hot Tap - Spool - Waterline

Have you ever had a utility conflict before? Our hot tapping crew came across a duct bank when setting up to wet tap this 8×8 Ductile Iron water main in the City of Surrey. We decided to add an 8″x8″x12″ spool to the tapping sleeve to have proper valve access. There is always a way to tie in your infrastructure … Read More

Do Your Hydrant Reports Have Photos?

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Hydrant Servicing

Pacific Flow Control can perform all your hydrant needs. We do “A” services, “B” services, hydrant painting, hydrant repair, hydrant maintenance, spring and fall hydrant services, flow testing, and everything hydrant. We also provide you with the best digital hydrant reporting in the industry. Your hydrant reports come with digital expandable photos and detailed information on the inspection and services … Read More

Hot Tapping into Critical PVC Infrastructure

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Hot Tapping PVC Pipe

Do you need to tie in or isolate your critical PVC water and sewer infrastructure without shutdown? Pacific Flow Control has specialty PVC cutters, pilots, adapters and tapping machines to safely perform this operation. We follow all of Uni-Bell’s industry best practices. We even teach courses on PVC hot tapping safety. If you need hot taps, line stops, valve inserts … Read More