Valve Inserts

What is Valve Insertion?

Valve inserts are typically completed when additional shutoffs are needed in a line or when defective valves need to be replaced.


  • Pacific Flow Control can place a control valve  in-line, under pressure, with no interruption of service.
  • We offer three different valve insert technologies in order to provide our client with the best valve and installation method for the application. Our valve choice will depend on the size, pressure and type of pipe you wish to insert the valve into. Call us for our recommendations.

Valve Insert Materials

  • TEAM Valve Insert

    An excellent quality valve, ideal for pipes that allow for mechanical restraint. Accommodating operating pressures of 250PSI. Advantageously the entire section of pipe is removed where excessive internal tuberculation could be an issue.

  • HYDRA-STOP Valve Insert

    An alternative to the Team Valve for easy installation on pipes that can’t be mechanically restraint such as asbestos cement. Allows for operating pressures up to 250PSI.

  • QUIKVALVE Insert

    An economical choice for 4, 6 and 8inch valves with operating pressures to 150PSI.

Our technicians have worked with virtually every type of piping and vessel in service, from fragile asbestos cement pipe to carbon steel tanks.

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