Valve Inserts

What is Valve Insertion?

Placement of a valve in-line, under pressure, with no interruption of service. Valve Inserts are typically completed when additional shutoffs are needed in a line or when defective valves need to be replaced.

Valve inserts service


  • Pacific Flow Control can place a control valve in-line, under pressure, with no interruption of service
  • We offer three different valve insert technologies in order to provide our clients with the best valve and installation method for the application. Once given the desired size of valve insert along with type of existing pipe and operating pressure, we will provide you with our recommendations for all the suitable options.

Valve Insert Products

  • Mueller valve

    Mueller 4 to 12 Inch H-2361 Permaseal™ RWGV

    An excellent quality valve ideal for PVC, DI, CI, AC & ST pipe. MJ connections and Mueller 2300 Series gate valve technology accommodate operating pressures up to 350psi. Advantageously, the entire section of pipe is removed, allowing the valve to seat within its own body.

  • Hydra stop valve

    HYDRA-STOP Valve Insert

    An alternative to the Mueller H-2361 Valve Insert, the Hydra-Stop Valve Insert is available in larger diameter sizes. It does not guarantee a bubble-tight seal but is an excellent option for a permanent line stop application. It allows for 250psi operation and can be installed while under flow.

  • quikvalve insert

    QUIKVALVE Insert

    An economical choice for 4, 6 and 8 inch valves with operating pressures to 150psi.

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As a trusted provider of insertion valve services on main water lines, Pacific Flow Control Ltd has the expertise to meet all your valve insertion needs throughout British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan. Our team of certified professionals uses the latest tools and techniques to safely and efficiently insert valves into your main water line, without disrupting your water supply. We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality services that exceed our customers' expectations.