Who Needs a Valve to Hot Tap?

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36x24 "No-Valve" Hot Tap

Pacific Flow Control crews completed a 36×24 “No-Valve” hot tap on a carbon steel sewer main in Delta, BC. After completing the hot tap, a 24″ plug valve was installed downstream.

If you need a live wet-tapped connection but would like to use a plug valve, butterfly valve, or no valve at all. Pacific Flow Control has the expertise.

Hot tap in an entire prebuild valve chamber, meter chamber or PRV station, removing your crews from confined space hazards. PFC can insert a double block and bleed, perform single valve isolations, and help mitigate confined space concerns.

“No-Valve” hot taps can be completed on your surcharging sewer and storm infrastructure, removing the expense of both the valve and any bypass pumping requirements.